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一次受表扬的经历高考英语满分作文 【 - 高考英语作文】 July 17th Fine This morning, on my way to school, I was riding when I heard a call for help. A little girl was calling for help in the river nearby. I immediately got off my bike, took off my clothes and jumped into the river. At last the girl was saved, After sending the girl back home, I hurried to school. But I was still late for class. Not knowing the reason, the teacher criticized me. However, in the afternoon the girl‘s parents came to my school and thanked me for having saved their daughter. Soon the story spread all over the school. TherefOre, the teacher knew why I was late this morning and he apologized to me. The headmaster also praised me and called on all the students to learn from me. 7月17日 晴 今天早晨,在上学的路上,我正骑着车突然听到呼救声。一个小女孩正在附近的河里喊救命。我立即跳下车,脱掉衣服,跳到河里。女孩终于得救了。把小女孩送回家后,我急忙赶到学校,但是仍然迟到了。由于不知道原因,老师批评了我。 然而下午小女孩的父母来学校感谢我救了他们的女儿,很快我的事迹传遍了整个校园。由此老师知道了我今早迟到的原因,他向我道歉。校长表扬了我并号召所有的学生向我学习。 [一次受表扬的经历高考英语满分作文]相关文章: 1.A Volunteer Labour(一次公益活动)高考英语满分作文 2.上海高考英语满分作文 3.高考英语满分作文(2篇) 4.高考英语满分作文及题目 5.高考英语满分作文精选内容 6.Letter of Thanks的高考英语满分作文 7.高考英语的满分作文:生日 8.高考英语满分作文汇编 9.水高考英语满分作文 10.高考英语满分作文Note(便条) 本文来源:https:///zuowen/gaokaoyingyu/755403.html